Posted by: Genevieve | October 10, 2013

One of the Many, Not the Few

Yup. Did not make the cut. Headed to NZ, possibly as late as next week.

And I have a full season’s supply of chocolate to eat before I leave.

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  1. Oh damn Genevieve. I was rooting for you.

    • I know. Shit shit, eh, Chuck?


  2. Damn. Sorry to hear – the whole thing is just feeling sad sad sad for everyone on the ice, or gearing up to go.

    Re: the Chocolate? Maybe the folks who are staying would cut you a deal? There’s more chocolate where you’re headed, not more on the ice….

    But regardless: damn.

  3. Gosh Gen, I am sorry also, I still have the photo You were kind enough to send to my Daughter, I know You had better things to do….You will be Happy in time, it’s just in You. I’m voting for You to get back next year as I don’t get better descriptive, captivating writing anywhere else(about the Ice that I love too, but have never been)., I mean things could be worse, like You never being lucky enough to go.

    • But regardless: DAMN!

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