Posted by: Genevieve | October 10, 2012

Rec Boating & Hermit Island Photos

Yes, we get to take the zodiacs out during non-work hours and go boating and land on islands and go hiking.

Sorry. I know you are not here.

A few days after the Bonaparte Peninsula hike I went out rec boating. And there were bergs. I’m told they are small bergs, and they get more impressive, but I was impressed enough even by the tiny ones.

Dropping off the first threesome near Old Palmer.

Strange textures as the water freezes.

What can I say? I’m on the water.

I watched this small berg heaving and rolling from shore. I asked to go alongside it from a safe distance. It was creating its own surf.

Boating slowly through ice. Look at the differences in the textures.

Dropping Glenn off at another island. Check out the size of that petrel overhead.

Hermit Island. Note giant petrel. What a wingspan!

Dropped off at Hermit Island.

One of us did not bring snowshoes. The other two of us did. Guess who had it easier? The snow was DEEP in places.

That’s Mark climbing right up to the top of Hermit. I was close behind. Our snowshoeless party member was way behind us, finding it harder going. Skis would have been ideal for the conditions.

Loved the whirlpool like pattern the sea ice made.

Giant petrels! Not just big petrels, not just large petrels but GIANT petrels. This seems to be their runway so they can launch themselves into the wind off the cliff.

I found the patterns the sea ice formed around the island to be lovely.

Our hero shot on top of Hermit Island. Don’t we look like superheroes?

Seated for a moment contemplating my snowshoes and how best to descend the steep slope beneath me.

What odd creature left these tracks?

Odder still.

By now these snowy landscapes must be boring you. For me, they make my heart sing.

Just the folds and dips and shadows and lushness of the snow was gorgeous, even without long views and glaciers and bergs and horizons.

Colours! Lichen.

Grass. Moss. Lichen. This is such a hugely different and warmer environment than Pole and McMurdo.

Bergy bit below water. Blue!!

The remains of the ship The Bahia, which ran aground off Palmer in 1989. Still there. Still leaking oil.

Shagalicious flotilla! Blue-eyed cormorants en mass floating on the water. No one in the boat had ever seen so many in one place before.

The last berg of the day as we wended our way back picking up the various hikers from the islands roundabout. A glorious day out.


  1. Thanks for all the pictures. I am surprised by the fluidity (the word was on the page before the pun registered) of the transition between liquid water and ice and at the photogenic forms the ice takes as it freezes. Also, the fact that orange, not green, is the first color of spring, though these latest shots show some healthy green lichen.

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